Founder's Story

MICHAEL D. STONER, CFP ®   Founder & President


Founder & President

I’m a bit of a geek – especially when it comes to two topics – finances and cars.

Growing up, I saved my cash birthday gifts every year, and secured my first job as a newspaper boy. I made $70 to $100 a month, which seemed like a fortune. My parents taught me how to save some of that fortune, and at age 16, I bought my first used car and stock in Worthington Industries. 

After earning my bachelor’s degree in Accounting from The Ohio State University, I worked at Price Waterhouse as a certified public accountant, then Borden, Inc. before becoming the Chief Financial Officer at Abbott Foods. I worked closely with Abbott’s founder Larry Abbott, and within seven short years, we grew the business significantly and sold it to Sysco. We left Sysco three years later.

For the next 11 years, I assisted the Abbott family with their financial affairs while running a boutique private equity fund in partnership with Larry. My career was thriving, so with my wife’s blessing I bought my first sports car. 

Recently Larry and I decided to stop investing in our private equity fund.  With my new freedom to pursue my deepest personal passions, I decided I would help others with their financial planning. I passed the Certified Financial Planning examination and became a CFP® professional and founded True North. 

Today, my passions for personal finance and cars remain, and I’ve realized these passions are not so different. I’ve added a race-prepared car and I instruct new track drivers on the skills of high performance driving. I have applied many of the disciplines I’ve learned on the racetrack to my financial planning approach. 

At this point in my life, I am excited that I have everything I need – the time, training, experience, and instincts – to help clients develop a personalized financial plan that will allow them to achieve their life’s dreams.